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Motivation for the project came from the county Economic Development Board of Florence, Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce, County Board, citizens of the County and our family’s desire to work with and fill a big need that has been on the counties list for quite some time.

Daughter Pamela M Zadek-Wise, 52 is retiring from the Stillman Valley School District and our son Dominic E. Krischke 48 whom has a broad background in business, manufacturing along with retail and service industry over the past 25 years will both be working under the supervision of Revere until such time Revere as agreed steps down and they Pam and Dominic, takes over the day to day operations of the business. Revere will then, as they desire, remain as consultant for a period of time to be determined not withstanding the above it will be a joint determined effort on the part of Revere and Birchwood Meadows LLC when any change as mentioned shall occur.

Robert Zadek and Rosemarie Zadek

Robert Zadek and his wife Rosemarie Zadek are the members of Birchwood Meadows LLC, the members of the Corporation.

Robert Zadek had the original vision for the Project and its potential for Florence and the surrounding community.

Robert L. Zadek, 75, has degrees in finance and accounting. Mr. Zadek has a broad background in business and business management. He served as CFO of a multimillion dollar automotive and aerospace company. He has been a private business owner since 1988. His interest in real estate, finance & development led him to develop a 75 room 65,000 sq ft assisted care facility in Rockford, Illinois which he staffed & opened in 2009.

Rosemarie Zadek, 69, has worked in manufacturing and retail sales. Mrs. Zadek started and owned a pet retail sales and supply store. She is a community leader in social service organizations and was campaign chairman for a US Senate candidate in 2010. Mrs. Zadek is also a mother and a housewife.